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Price adjustment

infinitas stands for many years for high-quality optimizations, state-of-the-art developments, driving pleasure and honesty. In order to be able to continue to deliver in the usual high quality, we will adjust the prices of some products to the spring due to rising costs of raw materials and energy.

The products with high material input and much energy input, are our all known compressor systems. This means that the prices of our kits will increase. On the other hand, in the area of software optimization, the already current prices will be maintained. Of course, the previous prices apply to all orders that are still received by us until spring 2022!


The warm and longer days are approaching and so is the season. Before the season starts, it is the right time to have your vehicle professionally serviced. In order to start the summer without any problems, a normal inspection, such as an oil change or air filter replacement, does not always help. In addition, we recommend further operations such as a transmission oil flush (at the latest after 90,000 km). Whether optimized, or standard, we can test your vehicle on our in-house dynamometer, with how much power you start into the season.