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Price adjustment

infinitas stands for many years for high-quality optimizations, state-of-the-art developments, driving pleasure and honesty. In order to be able to continue to deliver in the usual high quality, we will adjust ...


infinitas Hybrid Charger®: BMW M2 Competition, M3 F80 and M4 F8X

Now we are launching the innovative Hybrid Charger® system, a spectacular world debut for the famous S55B30 engine, for the biturbo in-line six-cylinder from all M3 and M4 models of the F8x series as well as th...

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BMW M3 E92 666 PS V8 Superchargersystem

infinitas stands for performance and innovation. The BMW M3 E92 with ASA supercharger from infinitas delivers a whopping 660 hp and a torque of 604 Newton meters. The ASA Group produces the last 80 legendary su...