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Christmas gift

As we all know, the Christmas seaon stands for family and love. However, one thing can not be missing at Christmas: Gifts and surprises. We also live live up to this tradition and have a surprise readyfor this wonderful time!

Finally the time has come! infinitas now ofers performance optimizations for the BMW G models! A direct programming of the BMW control units MG1/MD1. With infinitas you can increase the performance of your BMW of the current G series up to 700 Hp and 840 Nm. What does this mean for you? More dynamics and driving pleasure, faster response, with better acceleration in all gears! We offer the optimal performance upgrade for everyone. These performance optimizations let your engine become more rev-happy and stronger. Powerful in the pull, more agile in the start and with sufficient reserves up to high speed ranges, you experience driving in a new dimension.

Why you should choose us: we have many years of experience, strong teamwork, competence and versatility. Or engineers, designers and workshop foremen always work closely together to achieve the best result. Through our in-house performance test bench, we have perfect optimization possibilities. Therefore, even such a new “discovery” is no hurdle for us.

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