Performance test bench

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Our service for you

Thanks to the roller in-house dyno, our engineers can directly check our development and incorporate the results into our work. This enables us to continuously perfect ourselves and our vehicles – down to the last detail.

You modified your car and would like to test it? No problem! On request, we rent our dyno to you for a day or a whole weekend. This allows you to carry out all tests in any variation – with our professional support and expertise. Get in touch with us right now!


Our performance test bench

- Performance measurements of all-wheel-drive vehicles without differential problems
- separate power and torque detection of both axles
- road-simulated measurements including wind resistance
- EEC and DIN correction using live ambient conditions
- static test runs with holding function
- Most accurate torque correction using integrated pressure sensors
- Measurement measurement via OBD diagnostic interface
- external charging pressure and lambda value detection
- adjustable axis distance
- Tire slip detection

Technical information

– Cooling by means of 22 kW radial blower, 50000 m3/h
– Eddy current brake for measurements under targeted load
– Mechanically coupled and synchronized axes
– Optical wheel speed detection
– 1000 mm rollers for tire-friendly and road-like conditions
– 2500 hp maximum power dynamic
– 1600 hp maximum power static
– VMAX 320 km/h
– Track gauge 1016 mm – 2130 mm
– Wheelbase adjustable 2240 mm – 3400 mm


Installation of the dynamometer

After more than 36 years, we were able to fulfill a long-awaited dream in our new company building: our own performance test bench. We spared no effort for this: from the planning to the excavation of the pit to the final installation, it was a hard piece of work. The moment was all the more beautiful for us when the state-of-the-art roller dynamometer was fully assembled and the first vehicle was tested on it.

Requirements of the car

For the inspection of your car to run smoothly, you must:

  • the tyres have a sufficient tread depth and must not be damaged
  • Tire air pressure, engine oil and coolant comply with technical regulations
  • be in technically perfect condition for the engine, transmission and wheel drive

If the ground clearance of a vehicle is less than 8 cm or underbody cladding has to be dismantled, the additional costs incurred will be charged.