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MOTUL month – use the full potential of your car!

Offer valid until August 31, 2020


The MOTUL premium lubricants perfectly complement our engine and transmission software optimization. The combination of high-quality MOTUL lubricants and infinitas software optimization: A clearly noticeable difference from the first few meters.

The MOTUL month: performance and vehicle care in one package.

Save up to 19% and do something good for your car!

We combine changing lubricants (including gearbox flushing when changing gearbox oil) with our premium software optimizations:


Gearbox offer – 16% discount:


We generally recommend changing the gear oil when optimizing the gearbox software. The change including flushing reduces the friction and heat development. The gearbox can easily build up enough pressure with fresh oil, which optimally enhances the effect of the infinitas gearbox software. The result: lightning-fast gear changes!

The advantages:

  • Gearbox software optimization in combination with gearbox flushing and gearbox oil change (replacement by MOTUL premium products)
  • Shortened shifting times (up to 50%)
  • Minimizing consumption by optimizing the switching points
  • Increasing the torque limiter
  • Increased clutch holding pressure
  • DC throttle when downshifting (availability depends on vehicle model)
  • For vehicles with ZF 6HP & ZF 8HP (automatic transmission)
  • For the following vehicles with 7-speed DKG (dual clutch transmission): 135i, 335i, Z4 35i



Performance increase (Stage 1 & Stage 1+) with oil change – 16% discount:


Choosing the right engine oil and changing it regularly is essential for the longevity of the engine. Your infinitas high-performance vehicle deserves special care, so as a MOTUL partner we will find the right lubricant for your engine. Our software optimization gives your vehicle a new, individual character.

In short: more power, more torque. We use the MOTUL engine oil that best suits the vehicle character and area of application. You can feel the increase in performance in the first few meters. You will not recognize your vehicle.

The advantages:

  • Infinitas software optimization in combination with engine oil change (replacement by MOTUL premium products)
  • Significant increase in performance
  • Significant increase in torque
  • Significant performance increase
  • Motor protection functions are retained
  • Individual premium software through extensive tests by our experienced engineers
  • Special requests possible



Performance package: performance increase (Stage 1 & Stage 1+) & gearbox software

with change of engine and gear oil – 19% discount:


The advantages:

  • Combine the performance and transmission optimization and get the maximum performance out of your vehicle!
  • Engine and gearbox oil changes, as well as gear flushing included.
  • For vehicles with ZF 6HP & ZF 8HP (automatic transmission)
  • For the following vehicles with 7-speed DKG (dual clutch transmission): 135i, 335i, Z4 35i


Benefit from the MOTUL month and send us an inquiry now:
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WhatsApp: +49 160 36 10 60 1




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