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M4 F82 800 hp and 930 Nm

On this M4 F82, we’ve upped the power from 430 hp and 550 nm to an incredible 800 hp and 930 nm. This corresponds to an increase of 370 hp and 380 Nm. To achieve this power also stable, some changes were made to the vehicle:


First, work was done on the engine. These included: Exchange of the series pistons and connecting rods against a reinforced piston/connecting rod combo kit, installation of downpipes without catalysts, exchange of the stock air filter against a sports air filter, EU5 injectors, upgrade spark plugs, Stage 2 water-methanol injection and installation of an additional display.


After the technical modifications on the vehicle were complete, one of our engineers individually tuned the M4 on the in-house dynamometer, performed a transmission software optimization and raised the V-Max (adjusted to tire approval).

Different performance levels

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