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BMW X4 M40i G02 600 hp / 710 Nm

BMW X4 M40i G02 600 hp

The stock output of 340 hp already makes the SUV faster than average, but as we know, the BMW B58 engine has a lot more power in store. So we carried out a Stage 3 optimization and transformed the car into a wolf in sheep’s clothing. After our cure, the Power SUV achieved an output of 600 hp and 710 Nm.


infinitas B58 Upgrade Turbo

Technical changes

To ensure that the 600 hp output is maintained and the engine’s longevity remains intact, we have made some changes: Replacement of the standard air filter with a sports air filter, installation of infinitas upgrade turbocharger with a power range up to approx. 650 hp, installation of a complete exhaust system without any filter systems.


infinitas Software-Optimization

After the hardware changes, our engineers individually tuned the vehicle to RON 98 octane on our in-house dynamometer. In addition, a transmission software optimization was also carried out and the VMAX was raised to 300< Km/h.

Performance graph Stage 3 B58 X4 M40i G02






Our Stage 3 conversion with 550 hp can be realized from approx. 10,500 €.


More power possible

infinitas stands for almost unlimited possibilities and the highest quality! That’s why 600 hp is not the end of the possibilities, because we can also offer performance above that for vehicles with the B58 engine.

Power in excess of 650 hp is also possible on request. There are also performance stages with the option of TÜV registration. < send Request >


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