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Free TÜV acceptance

Since almost all modern sports cars rely on turbocharging, so-called “chip tuning” is widespread these days. The great advantage here is the price-performance ratio for such optimizations, as there is usually no need to intervene in the hardware. However, there are also enormous differences in quality when it comes to software optimizations. Due to our development team with many years of experience and in-house performance test bench, we are equipped to adjust the software of your vehicle to manufacturer logic. Thus, all engine safety points are preserved.


The vehicles with the BMW S55 engine (M2 Competition F87 / M2 CS F87, M3 F80, M4 F82 / F83) already have considerable power in the standard version. But many performance-oriented individuals strive for more. That is why we also offer software optimizations in addition to our new hybrid charger systems. It is possible for us to carry out an individual TÜV approval for some performance levels of many models, including the models mentioned above. This means you are on the road with more power including road approval.


The warm days are approaching and so is the season. A perfect opportunity for a performance increase is shortly before the start of the season. Suitable for the time of preparation, we have a surprise: When you buy a Stage 1 or Stage 1+ of the S55 model until 01.05.2022, we give you the TÜV individual acceptance. This has a value of over 400 €. However, this registration can only be performed for models with S55 engine without OPF.



infinitas stands for many years for high-quality optimizations, state-of-the-art developments, driving pleasure and honesty. In order to continue to deliver in the usual high quality, we will adjust the prices of some products to the spring due to rising costs of raw materials as well as energy. The products with high material input and a lot of energy input, are our well known supercharger-systems. This means that the prices of our kits will increase. On the other hand, in the area of software optimization, the already current prices will be maintained. Of course, the previous prices apply to all orders that we still receive until spring 2022!