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Vmax increase available separately from INFINITAS!
If desired, more power for the BMW M850i ​​than for the new M8!

The BMW 6er is history, least in its traditional form, and has with the 8er, also a prestigious identification using a worthy inherit available.

So far, the M850i ​​with 530 hp marks the spearhead in terms of performance, but the new M8 is already in the starting blocks and will be presented to fans at the IAA in Frankfurt (September 12 to 22, 2019).

For all M850i ​​drivers, it is also high time to throw the maximum speed limit to 250 km / h overboard.

Of course, without INFINITAS, the Vmax increase also as a “stand-alone” solution without additional performance increase. Then your 8er can show on the highway what it is capable of with its factory performance.

Performance increase to 670 hp

Of course, INFINITAS, which has specialized in performance optimization and BMW models for many years, has already dealt with the most powerful 8, the M850i. The result is how it compares with a significantly higher performance that INFINITAS M850i ​​xDrive helps for driving performance in the style of super sports cars.

The 4.4 liter biturbo V8 in the bow of the INFINITAS M850i ​​xDrive generates an impressive 670 hp (493 kW) and a maximum torque of 890 Nm. This corresponds to the series of pluses of both 140 HP (103 kW) and 140 Nm.

Acceleration: 0-100 km / h in 3.1s – maximum speed:> 320 km / h

Responsible for this is a combination of hardware and software modifications. On the one hand, INFINITAS installs a set of stainless steel downpipes including 200-cell sports catalysts. This use not only the dynamic pressure, so also the thermal stress and let the double loaded in the V8 engine. Exhale even more freely. The potential for an even higher power output is thus optimally implemented by the tried and tested INFINITAS Performance Software V2. Perfectly complemented by the optional increase in the maximum speed limit. This means that the INFINITAS M850i ​​can travel at speeds of over 320 km / h. On the way, the sprint from a standing start to 100 km / h is completed in just 3.1 seconds!

Motor protection and diagnostic functions are retained

The fact that the factory engine protection and diagnostic functions are retained ensures that the N63 eight-cylinder does not suffer from the software adjustments. Finally INFINITAS stops the security and longevity of the technical components for all developments and also carries out extensive tests.

Ultralight 21 inch forged wheels complete the performance increase

In addition to the technical optimizations, the M850i ​​sports a set of the popular HURRICANE RR forged wheels. The dimensions of the lightweight wheels, the is through five classic double weight of signs in this case 9×21 and 10.5×21 inch. They are covered with high-performance tires of dimensions 255/30 R21 and 305/25 R21.

You can find more details on INFINITAS products for the BMW 8 Series in our online shop.