Hybrid Charger

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BMW S55B30 | Hubraum: 2.979 cm³

M2 Competition F87

BMW S55B30 | Hubraum: 2.979 cm³

M3 F80

BMW S55B30 | Hubraum: 2.979 cm³

M4 F82

BMW S55 Hybrid Charger from infinitas, that is driving pleasure and pure passion.

We are experts in the professional development of new BMW engine tuning options – from hybrid charger systems to torque optimization – for all BMW models. Our infinitas BMW S55 Hybrid Charger for the BMW S55B30, the BMW M2 Competition F87, BMW M3 F80 and the BMW M4 F82 / 83. With an output of up to 1000 PS ensure a significant increase in performance – whether PS, kW or torque or Nm – of your BMW. Pure performance, of course without neglecting the safety, durability and fuel consumption of your BMW.

What sets us apart as a serious BMW tuning manufacturer is, among other things, that we have our own performance test bench to monitor our technical developments. To control and fine-tune the BMW Hybrid Charger, we use our in-house single-roller test bench. Distinguished by perfection, infinitas pays careful attention to the flawless implementation of all conversions and guarantees outstanding premium quality in the vehicle modification segment.

BMW S55 Hybrid Charger from infinitas – perfection meets driving pleasure

Only perfection exists! Our detailed quality check does not allow any exceptions. Every manufactured part is checked individually for defects. Our staff, trained in quality assurance, only approve flawless products for manufacture. – Out of responsibility and pride!

We are manufacturer and installer in one. We would be happy to assemble your compressor kit directly in our in-house workshop. The elaborate development methods of our highly qualified engineers: The cornerstone for maximum performance. Analyzed on the racetrack, optimized for the road.

The measure of all things: Our standardized production methods. The highest quality standards require the most modern production methods.

Compressors manufactured in-house!

ASA Kompressor: We rely 100% on the compressors from our sister company ASA Kompressor. In this way we can guarantee the flawless production of our systems. ASA and infinitas: hand in hand with your compressor system. You too can rely on the proven ASA compressors. Distinguished by their reliability, the ASA compressors combine efficiency with emotion and the highest quality standards.