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Dipl. Ing. Christian Stöber & Nicolai Stöber

Do you own a BMW E46 and want to exploit the full potential of your vehicle? Then you’ve come to the right place! As leading experts in BMW E46 tuning, we offer high-quality solutions to optimize the performance, handling and aesthetic appearance of your vehicle. Our BMW E46 tuning services include:


Performance upgrades: we offer customized performance upgrades for your BMW E46. Through our supercharger systems, we maximize engine performance and ensure a driving experience at the highest level.

Chassis optimization: Improve the handling and road holding of your BMW E46 with our professional chassis optimizations. Precision and control are the focus of our work.

Aesthetic upgrades: Give your BMW E46 an individual touch with our aesthetic upgrades. From aerodynamic improvements to custom rims, we offer a variety of options to give your vehicle a unique look.

Exhaust systems: Experience the unmistakable sound of a perfectly tuned exhaust system. Our high-quality exhaust systems not only improve performance, but also give your BMW E46 a sporty sound.


Why you should choose our BMW E46 tuning:

Experience and expertise: Our team of experts, consisting of highly qualified engineers, technicians and designers have many years of experience as BMW E46 tuners and are very familiar with the specific requirements of this model.

Individual advice: Every vehicle is unique. We offer individual advice to ensure that the tuning measures are optimally tailored to your needs and wishes.

In-house development and production: Our engineers have developed the system in-house and manufacturing is also carried out under our direct control. This guarantees the highest quality and precision.

In-house performance dynamometers: Before delivery, every product is put through its paces. We simulate extreme load situations on our test benches to ensure the stability of the vehicles.

In-house programmed software: The elaborate development methods of our highly qualified engineers: The cornerstone for maximum performance. Analyzed on the race track, optimized for the road, individualized for you.

Highest quality: Quality is our top priority. We only use high-quality components and attach great importance to the precise execution of all tuning measures.

Discover the world of BMW E46 tuning with us and take your vehicle to the next level. Contact us today to find out more about our services and to make an appointment for your individual tuning.

Why infinitas is the right choice for you

Your expert address for high performance tuning of BMW vehicles. Our manufactory in Gachenbach is dedicated to perfecting the refinement of exclusive automobiles, with a special focus on high-class optimization and limitless performance enhancement. At infinitas, we combine our passion for exclusive automobiles with the goal of transforming every vehicle into a unique masterpiece. Our team of experienced engineers, technicians and automotive mechatronics engineers work closely together to offer customized complete solutions that leave nothing to be desired. We are proud to have a unique optimization tool thanks to our in-house production and dynamometer. This enables us not only to offer standard solutions, but also to develop unique handcrafted vehicles that break records with their spectacular performance. Our philosophy is to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible and to constantly set ourselves new goals. We believe that absolute premium performance and passion are the keys to extraordinary results. Our vehicles are not only a testament to our innovative strength, but also to our meticulous precision, which are the pillars of our success story. At infinitas, we are more than just a BMW tuning company – we are your partners in making your motorsport dreams come true. Contact us to find out more about our services and how we can transform your vehicle into a high-performance work of art.

Umfassende BMW Tuning Dienstleistungen

At infinitas, we offer a wide range of high-end tuning services for BMW vehicles. Our expertise and commitment to quality and performance are evident in every project we undertake. We understand that every vehicle is unique and therefore offer customized solutions that are tailored to your exact needs and desires. Our services are diverse and range from software optimization, interior refinement to supercharger systems. Let us transform your vehicle into an infinitas together. Contact us for an individual consultation and find out more about our exclusive BMW tuning services.

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