General requirements regarding the customer´s vehicle

  1. Modifications by infinitas as rule can only be undertaken with vehicles that are free of defect and correspond to serial-production. infinitas will not check the customer´s vehicle for defects and compliance with serial-production quality. It is the obligation of the customer to provide infinitas with a defect-free car and thus provide the basis for infinitas to meets its obligations from the service contract. infinitas has to be informed in written about known defects prior to the delivery of the vehicle.
  2. In case the car provided by the customer is not free of defects (e.g. errors listed it the error memory of the ECU), infinitas has the right to interrupt the works on the car until the car is free of defects again. Such an interruption doesn’t mean that infinitas is terminating the service contract with the customer. At the customer’s request infinitas can offer the repair the defects of the car; alternatively the customer can assign its authorized workshop with the repairs. Additional expenses for repair works or reestablishment of serial-production conditions respectively (e. g. engine control unit) will be charged separately.
  3. If it turns out after the delivery of the customer’s vehicle, that the vehicle’s ECU can’t be accessed by infinitas in order to be programmed (e.g. due to a hardware version that varies from the standard), the infinitas power output increase can’t be performed at the originally agreed date. Thus, the assignment is considered as not started yet. Once the power output increase is performed at an alternative date, these works are not considered a rectification.


Special requirements regarding the customer´s vehicle in case of retrofitting a supercharger system

  1. Vehicles that are to be equipped with a infinitas SK Plus supercharger system must be in their original state, otherwise the modified software for the engine control unit supplied by infinitas with the system will not be able to provide correct tuning of the engine electronics in combination with the supercharger system. In particular, no modifications in the field of engine electronics, the engine itself and above all the catalysts must be made before the installation of the supercharger system.
  2. Prior to the delivery the customer´s vehicle must be equipped with the latest version of the factory software for the engine control unit. infinitas may also carry out a software update at the customer´s expense.
  3. Prior to the delivery the customer´s vehicle must be fueled up at least once with 98 octane fuel. Customers´ vehicles model BMW Z4 E85 and M3 E9X (supercharger systems SK II / SK II S only) because of the modification of the fuel pump module need to be delivered with a tank level of max. 1/4 !
  4. For vehicles that are used in geographical areas with hot climate and/or on the race track infinitas recommends the optional infinitas cooling package for the water and oil circuit.
  5. It Is prohibited to run vehicles that are equipped with a infinitas supercharger together with a factory software for the engine control unit (ECU); a major damage to the engine could be the result.
  6. In the course of the installation of the infinitas supercharger system the stock fuel system is modified. Thereby the injection volume per time unit is increased. In the following the average fuel consumption calculated by the on-board computer differs from the actual average fuel consumption.
  7. In the course of the installation of a infinitas supercharger system, it is necessary to upload the supplied infinitas software onto the engine control unit. After this task has been completed the customer has to make sure that the adaptation values of the engine control unit are deleted as well, before the vehicle is put into operation. Otherwise it may happen, that the engine goes into limp mode.


To be carefully attended by the customer after the modification

  1. As a consequence of the modification of the customer´s vehicle a loss of the manufacturers´ warranty respectively warranty obligation may occur. The optional infinitas Care Package combined with a guarantee insurance at NSA Guarantee secures the customers according to the NSA guarantee terms and conditions.
  2. Due to the “cheat software” used by the German car manufacturers, the practice at the Exhaust Emission Inspection (AU) was changed in early 2018. In the future, the software version recorded on the control unit will therefore also be checked during the AU check. In the course of this, it can happen that a vehicle that is equipped with a infinitas Performance Software, does not allow to start AU testing itself and thus cannot pass the Exhaust Emission Inspection (AU).

In such a case, the original manufacturer software must first be re-installed on the control unit to make the AU check. Subsequently, the infinitas Performance Software upgrade can be restored. The complete procedure can be done either at infinitas directly or by the customer himself or its dealer by using the Infinitas OBD-Tool. The resulting costs are to be borne by the customer, since this scenario is not a contract infringement on the part of the Infinitas GmbH.

  1. It is understood by the customer that an increase in power output uses the design related reserves in regards of stability and durability of the basis engine. Based on this fact a shortage of the modified engine’s operation live compared to the factory engine may result, based on the type and intensity of the vehicles use.
  2.  In case of modifications regarding top speed the tyres fitted to the vehicle must possess the clearance for the altered maximum speed limit. This clearance is documented via a speed indication index – e. g. “Y” for clearance of the tyre up to a top speed of 300 km/h. The customer has the obligation to exercise due care. This is also true for sets of wheels purchased at infinitas.
  3. The extend of the modification of the Vmax limitation is individually defined by infinitas for each model depending on what is technically feasible and thus can differ from model to model or engine version.
  4. In the course of the infinitas V-MAX increase, the value for the limitation of the top speed of the customer’s car is set to a theoretical value, which the vehicle can’t reach based on its maximum power output (e.g. 330 km/h). That means in practice the top speed is unlimited. An adjustment of the speedometer / HUD however is not part of the infinitas V-MAX increase programming.
  5. Customers´ vehicles with petrol engines need to be refueled with 98 octane fuel in order to actually put into place the power enhancement.
  6. Customers´ vehicles equipped with software for the engine management module modified by infinitas must not receive serial software updates of the car manufacturers. Otherwise the new standard software can be modified again by Infinitas at the customer´s expense. Otherwise this new manufacturer software can be modified again as part of a software restoration by infinitas. The costs of 400.- Euro for the restoration are borne by the customer.
  7. Particulate filter systems in Diesel engines, especially when they are predominantly used in full throttle mode from time to time need to be manually cleaned by the authorized dealer. This according to manufacturers´ instructions means a cleaning cycle of at least 1-2 hours.
  8. After the programming of the engine control unit by infinitas, the induvial setup parameter will be reset to the factory settings e.g. for the navigation system, the head-up display or the performance setup. The customer will have to modify these settings again.
  9. Customers whose vehicles are equipped both with an additional digital display and a infinitas performance upgrade, need to know that the display calculates the power output based on the data supplied by the CAN bus system. However, this data is modified in order to increase the power output. That means that the performance calculated by the display, while true in relation to the transmitted data, is wrong concerning the actual power output of the customers’ cars.
  10. After the modifications made by infinitas at the customer’s car, it is prohibited to make any further modifications to the car without the prior written approval from infinitas.



Additional stipulations of the order

  1. The customer is informed about the fact, that a power output increase (e.g. performance software, external module or supercharger system) is as always, an individual modification at each customer vehicle. Thus, the duration of the works can only be estimated based on our best experience. Even if the prior communicated and agreed period of time is exceeded significantly, that doesn’t qualify as a defect.
  2. Due to the fact that the extent of test and adjustment drives varies according to the individual customer´s vehicle – test drives up 100 km are possible – the cost for the necessary fuel will be charged to the customer separately.
  3. The tire dimension as well as the manufacturer of the tires used for the infinitas complete wheel sets may vary at the time of the delivery from the details in the order. This may relate – amongst others – to changed tire recommendations for the customer’s car or a changed ability to deliver by the manufacturer. The choice of the tire dimension and manufacturer is in infinitas’s expertise.
  4. Defects, wear and tear and /or variance of the product of software and hardware components of the customer´s vehicle (e. g. air-mass sensor, engine management unit, fuel pump, bearing shell, cylinder head gasket etc.) may require the replacement of components to guarantee the functionality of infinitas products. The necessity to replace the affected components may come about before, during or even after the mounting of the infinitas products. The additional expenses will be charged to the customer separately. The customer is aware that individual defects on his vehicle can be the reason for infinitas not being able to fulfill its contractually agreed obligations at all or only to some extent.
  5. In case the customer wishes to combine infinitas products, e. g. abolishment of the top speed clipping, with products of other manufacturers, e. g. power output enhancements, as a rule the customer is obliged to obtain a clearance of the third-party manufacturer. In no way whatsoever infinitas shall be liable for defects of the third-party product in combination with the infinitas product and for the usability for the intended purpose. The same applies for defects of any kind that may occur due the combination of the third-party product with the infinitas product.
  6. For M3 E46 models with S54 engine, M3 E9X models with S65 engine and M5/M6 E6X models with S85 engines of the M GmbH, infinitas recommends replacement of the Big End Bearing Shells (aka Conrod Bearing Shells) from a kilometric performance of beyond 70,000.
  7. After the installation of infinitas downpipes with or without catalytic converters, the volume level of the basic exhaust system is increased. This applies to factory as well as infinitas exhaust systems. infinitas downpipes are therefore not permitted for use on public roads – for racing purpose only!
  8. If a infinitas performance upgrade is installed at a vehicle with a manual transmission, the customer has an increased duty of care in relation to the proper use of the vehicle compared to a vehicle with a DCT transmission, because reckless driving can quickly lead to a major transmission damage.
  9. Products that are marked with “Produced in motorsport quality” correspond in their manufacturing quality, especially in the surface appearance and accuracy of fit, to the needs in motorsport for functionality. In this case smaller shortcomings concerning the appearance need to be accepted and thus represent no defect of the infinitas product.
  10. The warranty on the products sold by infinitas expires as soon as the customer vehicle is used on a race track.
  11. When the maximum stage of a infinitas performance upgrade is installed, the associated output increase may lead to an increased in wear on the clutch, too. This can either be technically indicated or can dependent on the customer’s usage behavior and does not represent a defect with regard to the infinitas performance upgrade.
  12. In case the ECU of the customer’s vehicle is shipped to infinitas, on the customer’s demand, with the intention to reprogram the ECU in the course of a power output increase, infinitas doesn’t have the chance to test the customer’s vehicle after the modification. Therefore, the shipping of the ECU to infinitas doesn’t guarantee that infinitas can fulfill its contractually agreed obligations. Thus, the customer agrees that it may be necessary to send the ECU to infinitas for fine tuning again or that the

    vehicle itself must be shipped to infinitas and that this circumstance is not considered aa a defect of the ordered product. The customer is advised to take this fact into account in regards of his scheduling.

  13. The customer is aware of the fact that opening up the ECU of his vehicle will lead to the termination of the infinitas warranty. In addition to that the customer is violating infinitas’s ownership of the modified software by downloading it, since the customer only received the right of use by ordering the infinitas software for his vehicle’s ECU.
  14. When infinitas wheels are mounted to the customer’s vehicle the new RDKS sensors that surveils the tire pressure in the infinitas wheels need to be initialized. In rare occasions, it occurs that the customer’s vehicle doesn’t recognize the RDKS sensors with the first programming, then an error message will appear after a certain distance. In this case any tire-shop can repeat the initializing process of the RDKS sensors. This situation does not qualify as a defect of a infinitas part.
  15. Parts that are removed from the customer’s vehicle (OEM or used parts) have to be collected by the customer after the completion of the order, usually when the customer is picking up his vehicle at infinitas. infinitas is not obliged to store these parts beyond this date. In case the customer is not collecting these parts at the pickup of his vehicle, infinitas is entitled to dispose of these parts when necessary at the customer’s expense. A later replacement of these parts is ruled out. This provision shall not apply for parts that have been taken into account contractually or in any other way pass into the ownership of infinitas. When these parts are returned to the customer on his request the shipping cost are charged to the customer separately.
  16. For our promotional and marketing activities infinitas at its own discretion produces photographic and video material. Upon signing the order, the customer grants an unlimited license regarding such photographic and video material.
  17. In case the customer’s vehicle is equipped with a tracking system (e.g. a GPS tracker), it is mandatory for the customer to communicate this circumstance to infinitas at the delivery of the vehicle. In order to prevent our employees from unpleasant complications (test drives can be performed outside the regular working hours as well) it is not allowed to execute retrieval request without the prior consulting of infinitas.
  18. Note for non-EU countries:

Potential Customs duties have to be paid by the customer. The customer is informed that delivery delays may occur due to customs clearance.