We rely on MOTUL

infinitas is again on the hunt for world records. The right partner is essential for this. For this reason, we work closely with the lubricant manufacturer MOTUL.


Our high-performance engines have special needs

At speeds above 350 km / h, the use of the right premium motor oil is essential. That is why infinitas fully relies on the decades of racing expertise of the traditional French company.


From the racetrack to the street

Motul and infinitas: two companies, one philosophy: high-performance products for the racetrack and the road.

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The racetrack: The optimal test site and the tough test to the point

Tried and tested in racing, the MOTUL 300V contributes to the optimal power development of our high-performance engines.


Both companies fill a wide range of applications in racing

The right engine technology: For decades, many racing teams have relied on the power development, durability and good-naturedness of the high-quality infinitas in-house developments – and they rely on the extensive experience of our engineers.

The right engine care: Special machines deserve special care – choosing the right engine oil can make the difference between victory and defeat in racing. As a recognized partner in the motorsport scene, MOTUL is always working on new technological developments.


Suitable for everyday use despite racing genes

The engine oil specially developed for racing inspires the development of tailor-made lubricants for all areas of application. – A solution for every purpose.

We are so convinced of the quality of the lubricants that we only fill every vehicle with MOTUL premium products. Be it gear oil, coolant or brake fluid. – Simply because we are sure!

MOTUL and infinitas – a mixture of superlatives. – For street and racetrack.

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